The Nordsnø Ensemble is devoted to combining Scandinavian folklore with elements of modern jazz and progressive rock. Mystical moods in Scandinavian folksongs meet spheric soundscapes, pervasive rhythms and lyrical song.

The band’s focus is on traditional songs and their lyrics, newly interpreted by lush and rich arrangements as well as melodious improvisations.

Listeners dive into the untouched wide-open fjords, walk through forests and feel the mysticism of the mountains in Scandinavia, making them able to escape from their turbulent daily life for a while.


Anna Berglund – vocals

Vincent Dombrowski – saxophone, flute, arrangement

Ken Dombrowski – trombone, basstrumpet, euphonium

Lukas Wilmsmeyer – guitar

Sandro Saez - piano

Vincent Niessen – bass

Lukas Schwegmann – percussion

Johannes Metzger – drums