The Nordsnø Ensemble is dedicated to combining Scandinavian folklore with elements of contemporary jazz. Spherical soundscapes, penetrating rhythms and lyrical singing transport the listener into the mystical moods of Scandinavian folk songs.
In addition to interpreting traditional pieces, the ensemble creates its own compositions inspired by folklore.
The Nordsnø Ensemble's third album, "ett omaka par", was recorded in May 2022 at the Philippus Church Hamburg. The internationally renowned British pianist and organist Kit Downes was hired as a collaborator on the church organ for this recording. The album will be released on November 29, 2024 via sts|sts records. The Nordsnø Ensemble is a “Jazz High in Course” award winner.
The melancholy of the north in counterpoint with a unique acoustic sound, creating images of exotic places all blended with good taste, well written, sung and played and pure joy to just listen to. – Wolf Kerschek


Lotta Leitz – vocals

Vincent Dombrowski – saxophone, flute, arrangement

Ken Dombrowski – trombone, basstrumpet, euphonium

Lucy Liebe – guitar

Sandro Saez - piano

Vincent Niessen – bass

Lukas Schwegmann – percussion

Johannes Metzger – drums